How to Unite Quickly

Balint Vazsonyi

Last Friday's moving prayer service at the National Cathedral, and the many testimonials about Americans getting together promise to usher in a new era of a once-again United States of America. Goodness knows, we need that. Before we can defend our nation, we must be a nation. Of late, we have not been.

Important as it is to end the existence of the guilty, there will be others in time. We will always need defense against them. The Founders knew that when they wrote the Preamble to the Constitution. Most of us are now focused upon the necessary response, but there are a few things we can and need to do at home.

Because people tend to forget quickly in their busy lives, and old habits are difficult to change, I would like to make a contribution by making some personal suggestions to my fellow-Americans about ways to keep us united. They are very personal and they do not reflect the views of the publication that has been generous enough to print it. Please direct your anger solely at me.

The Imam representing Arab Americans, who was given an early opportunity to speak last Friday, might have used his turn to ask Allah's forgiveness for the crimes committed in his name. Instead, at a time when thousands were still risking their lives in the New York rubble trying to save just one more, his sole concern was the safety of his fellow Arabs.

Jewish Americans might suspend indefinitely their efforts to interfere with the religious practices of Christians and, instead, spend a few minutes every day thanking God for bringing them to the country where Christians offered safe haven and opportunity for Jews for the first time in two thousand years. Trust me. In Hungary, in 1919, 84 Jewish commissars closed the Churches. Twenty-five years later, untold thousands of Jews loyal to Hungary paid with their lives for what the Communist Jews had done. That's how I lost my father.

Black Americans have been given every legal protection more than thirty years ago, at which time they also enjoyed near-universal goodwill across the country. It would be helpful to stop complaining every day and every night. Those who have worked and built stable lives have earned the respect of every American. They should now turn their attention to the ones who have not yet come up to speed, instead of blaming the rest of us who have nothing to do with their woes. People like Jesse Jackson should hold up one more company and leave public life with the take.

American women used to be the salt of the Earth, admired the world over. During the last decades, they have done serious damage to this country. The degree of their selfishness disguised as "rights" cries to heaven. They have abandoned the post for which God, or Nature, or whatever your belief is, created them, in order to play. Like in the case of black Americans, all avenues have been opened to them legally - and that is as it should be. But while individual cases are, well, individual cases, no law can make women as a sex suitable for occupations for which they are not suitable.

Thelma and Louise looks good on television, but in real life the country needs to return to efficient use of resources. We have been able to afford women playing at all sorts of occupations because society had become so prosperous and we told ourselves that nothing bad can happen. But not only did we see bad things happen; if the family continues to fall apart, the nation will not be able to unite.

Hispanic immigrants should consider a very simple choice. This country has admitted you (if you are here legally). Learn English, including the consonants at the end of words, start living in America. If that is not what you want, don't stay here. There cannot be a united America as long as we have Hispanic areas growing into alien regions. Cleveland has many Hungarians, Chicago has many Poles, but they have never attempted to take over these cities. I would like to visit Miami once again and feel that I am in the United States of America.

Without infringing upon anyone's freedom of private actions, I would implore my fellow Americans to stop telling us that they release their bodily fluids into orifices different from the majority. I am really not interested to see them march displaying these tendencies, and I doubt that too many of our compatriots are different.

Believe it or not, it has not been my intention to offend you or someone you care about. While the act of war was committed by others, preoccupation with the foregoing has diverted our attention from a sense of unity, as well as the constant need to defend ourselves.