By Dr. Balint Vazsonyi

Whether the United States survives
as the beacon it has been will depend on the willingness of Americans to contemplate anew the reasons for its success, and to make decisions accordingly.

Praise for America’s 30 Years War

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About America’s 30 Years War

Is America on a slow-motion trip toward socialism even as much of the rest of the world moves away from it? Hungarian-born historian and world-renowned concert pianist Balint Vazsonyi knows first-hand what it means to live under an authoritarian regime and makes a powerful case that it is.

Drawing on his personal experiences living under different versions of socialism, Vazsonyi describes how our hard-won freedoms are being gradually eroded.

Vazsonyi traces the essence of what makes America unique back to the founders and exposes the dangerous trends that are undermining the founders’ original intent.

Vazsonyi documents how America’s founding principles—rule of law, individual rights, the guarantee of property, and a common American identity—are being gradually replaced by government-mandated group rights, redistribution, and multiculturalism.

The thirty years war is being fought between promoters of liberty, individual rights, moral guidance on one side; and believers in human reason as the supreme power, with government as its central authority on the other. While the picture is not rosy, America has every chance of winning, if the intentions of the two sides are exposed, and the consequences weighed. This witty, simple-to-follow, and engagingly personal book will aid in the process.

With unmistakable clarity, Vazsonyi shows how every time America moves away from its founding principles it moves in the direction of a system in which “social justice” is pursued through ever-greater government control. America’s 30 Years War is inspiration to those who have lost touch with our founding principles and ammunition for those who believe that our freedoms must be defended every day.

Praise for America’s 30 Years War

“Balint Vazsonyi’s unique background has enabled him to present an invaluable perspective on the moral, political, and intellectual conflict that has gripped the United States for three decades. He correctly defines our nation’s continuing challenge—whether or not we will pursue the course of success chartered by America’s Founders—and presents the critical consequences of our response.”
— Edwin Meese III,  Attorney General, Reagan Administration

“This seminal book shows where we are, how we got here, what we must do to reclaim our American identity—as well as the consequences of failure. Every American who wants America to remain America must ponder this book.”
— Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Nationally Syndicated Columnist and Chairman, Institute of Political Economy

“Having lived under both national and international socialism, and understanding what makes such systems so oppressive, Dr. Vazsonyi brings an extraordinary freshness and creativity to the analysis of the foundations of liberty and how, ironically, they have been undermined over the past thirty years by the very idea we thought we defeated in World War II and the Cold War.”
— Dr. John Lenczowski, Director, The Institute of World Politics

“For more than 150 years, Alexis de Tocqueville’s observations have informed Americans about our country. Unlike Tocqueville, Hungarian Balint Vazsonyi became American, so his deep insights on the uniquely successful American experiment add patriotism to admiration. The United States benefits from his powerful mind.”
— Morton C. Blackwell, President, The Leadership Institute

“Musician and intellectual Balint Vazsonyi fled oppression in his native Hungary for the freedom of America. With a patriot’s passion, he sounds a call to safeguard our imperiled freedoms and restore our founding principles.”
— Kate O’Beirne, Washington Editor, National Review